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30 hours in Hong Kong

Last week, I spent 30 hours or so in Hong Kong. 

Given the travel time, it's a bit like flying to London for 2hours.

Since it was quick, the best way to talk about it is probably via snapshots : 

So, in Hong Kong there are : 

Street Altars :


Shitloads of adverts :


Exclusive content

Is it a sign O' the times that the word "Exclusive" has become a hit in our language?

There are exclusive offers, exclusive opportunities, exclusive content, exclusive advantages all over the place. You can't board an airplane without having a digitally recomposed announcement greeting everybody but : "In Particular" the airline's exclusive Golden/Silver/whatever cardholders. You don't get an advertisement e-mail about the latest Amazon promo without the bloody word in subject. It's all over the place, on the telly, on adverts in the street, shops even bars and restaurants. . .


Monsters, monsters every where

Monsters, monsters every where

And all the darkness shrink

Monsters, monsters every where

Breathing filthy stink


Who doesn't love monsters ? Well ok, the woman who shares my life doesn't love them that much (She might say otherwise in comments below, we'll see). Or let's say they don't inspire her and it's not for lack of dungeon mastering. I, for one do love monsters. 

Sorting LOTR characters into Hogwart's houses

During the christmas break, with snow falling outside, proper wine, excellent friends and a good chimney fire we decided to sort the Lord of the Rings characters into Hogwart's houses. Geeking around in other words,  here's the result (as far as i can remember) : 



My impossible take on The Lord Of The Rings

Well, one day, I knew I would have to write something about this book. So, I figured, I might as well start now. Start because there might well be no end to it... 

This is the book of my life, my all time favorite, my precious, my own. I've read it numerous times and I keep discovering things in it that were not there the last time I read it (in fact most of the time, it is stuff Gandalf says). The book is actually slightly changing in between my visits.

An autumn soup to cope with the season


My sci-fi movie wish list


I’m a big sci-fi fan, and I think the genre needs a bit of a refresh. I mean what’s the point in doing a sci-fi movie starring blue humanlike creatures I a jungle with weird color and since we’re close to December so I might as well start this a wish list for Santa:

So in future movie I’d like to get (please) :

A fix of Zeitgeist

This week-end I received one of my much needed fix of Metal. This time from the excellent Zeitgeister Music catalog (home of the excellent Valborg)

Metal is (with Jazz I guess) the last type of music where you can spend blissful time to try to discover new stuff, browse here and there for hidden gems the mainstream industry does not even bother to look at + it's fun. It's a bit like a treasure quest. 


Nostalgie d'automne / autumnal's nostalgia

It's that time of the year. It does it to me,  fog is back.

And then I miss :

What makes Conan great

In praise of Lankhmar

I am a big fantasy fan, and I have to admit that most of it is utter crap. I mean, past the Lord of the Rings which, admittedly, is a real literature masterpiece the rest is definitely not fighting in the same category, (maybe with the exception of Terry Pratchett's the 5th elephant . . . but I digress).

I love a Song of Ice and Fire, I love Stardust, I used to love a lot of other titles but, that was a long time ago and I don't think I could re-read Elric now.

Can't wait to get my hands on the Neonomicon


I just can't wait to get my hands on Alan Moore's Neonomicon

I am a huge fan of Alan Moore, I wouldn't say everything he did is amazing but Watchmen, From Hell, V for Vendetta, i mean that's just the very top right ?

Besides i am a gamer, for long long years, i actually started mastering on Cthulhu something like more than 20 years ago.

They don't deserve you

Hey, I know, I am a liberal, or let's say I am a moderate liberal. Depends from your perspective. In Europe they'll call me a centrist, in the States they'll probably label me a bloody bolchevik.

Anyway, I am a moderate liberal and, as such, I just can't help it, I just admire the Spaniards “Indignados” and all those all over the world who want their life back, like Occupy Wall Street.

We might be living a time where change is possible, well maybe.

What a strange world

Dennis Ritchie's legacy

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